Jan 02 2017


2017 the blog will see some changes…

The daily workouts will no longer be posted in advance.

Our team is always focused on delivering the best possible experience for our members. We pride ourselves on providing the best training program. Our team is 100% focused on your unique goals and needs.

To keep our focus 100% on our gym members and individual clients we need to be efficient and maximize our time accordingly. Writing the WOD blog -daily, weekly and monthly requires a substantial amount of time. This time will be better spent focused on our clients.

While we know that some of you have followed the WOD blog for years? We know that we will be able to provide better services and education for our members. This opportunity will also allow us to partner with more clients and keep focused on their individual needs.

There will always be a hard copy written in the gym if you require the information.

We thank you for understanding.

Why is REBEL so focused in individual programming and needs?

  • The only way to fully achieve specific goals is a specific plan.
  • If you want to increase your 1RM’s on a specific lift? Then you need to focus on the specific lift and follow a program to get you there.
  • If you need to train outside of class times? A specific training program will be more efficient and productive.
  • Every client and member is unique and requires a unique approach to fitness, based on assessment and goals.