Our Partners

RIMRim Cycling Studio

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a beginner taking your first class, RIM is for you. Rim welcomes all fitness levels to train. RIM cycling studio combines coaching, strength and stamina building, awesome music and a great way to burn calories and improve fitness. Rim’s method is performance based and results driven. Check out our class descriptions and schedule to see what ride sessions are best for you.  Link to schedule




largebuttonTwo Rivers Specialty Meats

Click on the image to place your order on the online store and pick it up from the gym on Thursday mornings. Or you can choose to pick it up from our North Vancouver location. It’s that easy.


Local Natural Meat

Two Rivers can deliver the goods when it comes to local, natural meat. All product is raised without antibiotics, hormones, or chemical feed additives, and we stay closely connected with our partner farms. Check out our partner farm profiles on the Two Rivers Website to learn more about where your protein is coming from.

The Fuel Box

No more wandering around the grocery store checking labels, the fuel box is packed with a variety of animal protein sources needed for fueling your muscles. The box makes it easy to build a well balanced diet based on foods that promote strength, energy, and health.


PbH-Banner-GreenREBEL – Howe Sound CrossFit is powered by HYLETE” and endorse HYLETE apparel.
As a benefit, all of our members will receive 20% off for life on HYLETE.com.
Go to
<http://hylete.com/pbh> to create your account and enjoy your discount.
Please select Howe Sound CrossFit as your referral.”