Our Team

WEB-Rebel-MarkBurnham-5Keith Riel

(604) 935-2441

Interests:  CrossFit, Weight lifting, golf, mountain biking, snowboarding, skate skiing and learning new sports.

Keith’s drive to help others achieve optimal fitness started early in life.  He experimented with workouts as a teenager in his parents basement.  His first “weight set” was some empty milk jugs filled with sand and an old rusty bench.  Friends would come over and practice workout routines.  Although it was very simple it started a life long passion for sharing fitness and health.

Keith started his professional Personal training  career teaching client’s in their homes, in gyms, in parks and at high end sports clubs.  With years of helping others develop their fitness on a personal level and in small groups he educated himself with various training styles and methodologies.

Eventually he found the CrossFit.com website  and started following the daily WOD (workout of the day) in his home gym.  The garage gym was small but satisfied all the needs to train himself and some friends. Soon the small space became crowded and the need to open a gym began.

Today REBEL Fitness Squamish is an affiliated CrossFit facility under the name: Howe Sound CrossFit.  REBEL Fitness provides personal training and small group CrossFit training that is supportive, educational and focused on continued personal development.

lucyhc1Lucy Randle

 (604) 848 – 9887
  • CrossFit (CF-L1) CrossFit trainer
  • Australian Institute Fitness Int recognised personal trainer
  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 Sports and exercise Nutrition Coach
  • HCI Health Coach certified

Interests: CrossFit, Health and wellness, holistic nutrition, skiing, archery, obstacle course racing, hunting, travel

Lucy has a diverse sporting background; competing in swimming, Olympic Weightlifting and Crossfit. She has trained/coached clients in Australia, the US and Canada.  Holistic wellness and nutrition are her passion.  Lucy is constantly striving to stay educated on current health and fitness trends and loves sharing her knowledge with everyone willing to learn. Her passion and enthusiasm for living “the best life” is infectious.