Pricing & Policies

Membership Rates:Sold out

3x week:  150
One month of group classes, up to 12 classes per month

Unlimited classes: 160
One month of group classes,
unlimited classes, including Olympic Weightlifting and CrossFit

Unlimited plus: 199
One month of group classes,
unlimited classes, including Olympic Weightlifting, CrossFit
Plus – One personal training session per month

10 Pack: 160
Limited to 10 classes only, valid for 6 months

REBEL – Howe Sound CrossFit memberships are determined by the number of classes you participate in each month.  Our pricing is fair and straight forward: No down payment, no contract, no initiation fees and no cancellation fees.  Memberships renew on a 30 day cycle.  If you need to put a membership “on hold”, change the number of classes or cancel we are happy to do so immediately.  We ask that you provide 1 weeks notice, by phone or email to modify memberships.

Personal Training:

REBEL – Howe Sound CrossFit is focused on developing individual programming.  Personal training is the most effective way to start your experience with REBEL and essential for long term development and success.  Personal training sessions are paid in advance.
Please give 24 hours notice if you must cancel and reschedule.

Trainer rates:
10 session package:
6 session package:
3 session package: 225
Single session: 85


Online programming:Banner for online coaching

Want to train at home? Or in a gym on your own? We have services available to help you achieve your goals:

    • Individual training plan
    • Monthly workout program
    • Access to workout app with tracking
    • Exercise videos for each workout
    • Unlimited email access with your trainer
    • Access to private Facebook group
    • Affordable and flexible training

Online programming rates: 99  ONLINE Client sign in
Online programming + access to REBEL open gym times :

Partner Training:

Including a friend, partner or family member is a great way to promote accountability and teamwork.
Partner training sessions are paid in advance.
Please give 24 hours notice if you must cancel and reschedule.

2 athletes:
10 session package:
450 per person
6 session package: 300 per person
3 session package: 165 per person
Single session: 60 per person


Small Group Personal Training:

Are you ready for a new fitness experience, but a little anxious about training in a new environment?

Get a few friends together and we will take care of everything.  Programming will be individualized for your group.  Your group will train in private classes booked within your schedule. We have the knowledge and experience to provide a personal training experience in a small group.

3 – 5 people:
12 classes per month:
199 per month, per person




  • Monthly memberships start on the signup date and are valid on a 30 day cycle.
  • To make membership changes or cancel we ask that you provide 1 weeks notice; email, phone or in person.
  • If you go on vacation or will be away and not able to attend the normal number of classes, please contact the gym to make the necessary modifications
  • Drop in guests are welcome at a rate of 20
  • 10 pack passes have a 6 month expiration