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Fitness is living with physical, spiritual and emotional integrity, searching for genetic potential and embracing community support”

Progressive programming

At REBEL – Howe Sound CrossFit we take your health and wellness seriously and understand that fitness is a long term strategy.  Our 3 levels of fitness programming are uniquely designed to prepare you for success.  Our goal is to help you increase fitness and be prepared for life or GPP (general physical preparedness).

Why should I join the REBEL gym?

REBEL – Howe Sound CrossFit  is focused on personal training and small group training. We have years of experience training individuals of all fitness levels.

The REBEL priority is to provides members with a safe and supportive gym environment that fulfills your unique fitness goals. We are passionate about fitness and health and constantly pursue of knowledge. We are always learning and working to improve our coaching skills.

Our training team is diverse and highly experienced.  Our trainers carry multiple  certifications that include: personal training, CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, TRX, golf fitness and kettle bells.

What we teach?

Our goal is to help you move better.

We train and teach movement – movement that lets people enjoy whatever they do, whether its sports, playing with your kids, cleaning out the garage, chopping wood or shoveling the driveway.  The better we move, the better we live.

Who are your gym members?

Our gym membership is diverse; it includes full-time parents,  business professionals, retired grandparents, recreational and professional athletes. Regardless of  your career or your current fitness level, you will benefit from the strength and conditioning program at REBEL – Howe Sound CrossFit.